Dr Timothy Bottoms author of Conspiracy of Silence, Queensland’s frontier killing times (Allen & Unwin 2013) reflects on the 2015 Anzac march in Canberra

In early 2015 I was invited to go to Canberra to talk about the frontier wars in colonial Queensland at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. My host was Graeme Dunstan from PeaceBus.com. Graeme is a dedicated Peace activist and one could readily understand his motivation and admires his commitment.  In this instance, it was to recognise the violence on the colonial frontier wars in Australia. On Anzac Day I joined the march. It was a pleasant event, until confronted by the ACT Police. It was their provocative and intimidatory behaviour that struck me forcefully. According to Stn. Sgt Adrian Michael Craft (Badge No.4948), we had absolutely no right to be there. The obvious question is what did the diggers who died fighting for their country die for? A Police State, or the right to express one’s opinions as part of our supposed democracy? At that moment I lost respect for so-called ‘Law & Order’ or at least the ACT Police Force. I was disgusted, disillusioned and despairing of any genuine efforts to peacefully change and advance Australia.