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My Journey to Myall Creek


On my way to Canberra from Cairns, I visited the Myall Creek site in 2009. Back in 2014 I was contacted by the Friends of Myall Creek to be the Guest Speaker on 10th June, to remember the massacre there in 1838 - a 176 years ago (in 2019, it's [...]

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Korah Halcomb Wills (1828-1896)


Extract from the Diary of Korah Halcomb Wills (1828-1896) John Oxley Library: Henry Brandon Collection OM 75-75 Period covers 1862-1868 Central Queensland p.108 …will all be forgotten in another 100 years, but we have got the country and may we ever hold it for we [p.109] want it for the good [...]

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Assessing Creaghe Diary


From the Diary, one can draw enough information to create a relatively truthful idea of the historical characters and situation: Carrie Creaghe In February 1883 twenty-two year-old Emily Caroline 'Carrie' Creagh. with her husband Harry (who was absent for the last six weeks of her stay), spent three months at Francis Shadforth's Lilydale [...]

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An example of one pastoralists acquisitiveness


Extract from Conspiracy of Silence [pp.18-19] by Timothy Bottoms PDF Version: Arthur Palmer (Premier: May 1870 - Jan 1874), like Thomas McIlwraith, Herbert and Mackenzie, and so many other Queensland colonial politicians, were also investing in pastoral runs on the expanding Queensland frontier. There can be no doubt that they had a vested interest [...]

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The Queensland Native Mounted Police


Extract from Conspiracy of Silence [pp.18-19] by Timothy Bottoms The Native Police force became the legitimate instrument of government policy, first in NSW and later in the newly formed colony of Queensland.[1] The Native Police had three duties: to break up - disperse - large assemblages of Blacks, and at the same time to [...]

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Under the Act An Overview


by Timothy Bottoms PDF Version:Under-the-Act-An-Overview-by-Timothy-Bottoms It was the design and action of the state government (both Labor and conservative), under the auspices of the Aboriginals Department that implemented the control of Indigenous Queenslanders. Local whites had little or no say in government policy. The Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act [...]

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Moreton Bay Courier 4 April 1861: LEGALISED MURDER OF ABORIGINES


CONTEXT BY TIMOTHY BOTTOMS This letter was published on 4 April 1861, some 2½ years after the colony of Queensland came into existence (10 December 1859). During this period of the first Queensland colonial government they were referred to colloquially as the 'Squatting Ministry'. The Treasury was broke so the Executive [...]

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FRONTIER MEMORIAL: Cullin-la-ringo, Emerald, QLD, Thursday 17 October 1861


Example of Inappropriate Frontier Memorial Signage at the Cullin-la-ringo Site None of this information is acknowledged on site or in the district. The entrance to Cullin-la-Ringo historic site, South-West of Emerald (Qld), in 2009. Note the sign does not mention the Aboriginal tribal group or any reason for the massacre occurring or the result [...]

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FRONTIER MEMORIAL: Hornet Bank, Taroom, QLD, Tuesday 27 October 1857


Hornet Bank is a private property and to preserve the owners privacy it would not be appropriate to try and establish signage unless they were agreeable, but it is a working property, so it is unlikely they would want any signage on the property itself. Possible it could be acknowledged in Taroom the closest [...]

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