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From writing, producing and presenting radio documentaries to audio-visuals, Dr Tim has researched and written a diverse range of historical works. His creative approach has intrigued audiences and readers alike. See his professionally creatively entertainingly informative work below.

  • Interviewed by UKTV documentary for Railway Secrets on construction of the Cairns-Kuranda Railway 10 August 2018.
  • Yorkeys Knob Boating Club, A History, March 2016. Club published in June, 2016.
  • Cairns, City of the South Pacific, A History of Cairns 1770-1995 (Bunu Bunu Press, Cairns) 1st Edition 2015, 2nd Edition (Hardcover) 2016
  • Guest Speaker at the Myall Creek Memorial Commemoration Ceremony 8 June 2014. http://honesthistory.net.au/wp/bottoms-timothy-myall-creek-and-beyond/ Also completed 30 DVD on Conspiracy of Silence.
  • Conspiracy of Silence Queenslands frontier killing times, lecture & powerpoint presentation at the National Museum of Australia, May 2009; also Q150 History Conference, 3 September 2009, Brisbane, and Cairns Institute Racism Conference, 31 August 2012. Publishers: Allen and Unwin, released 27 May 2013. 30 minute film documentary based on the book. May 2014 (Savannah Productions)
  • Bama Country book published by Fishtail Solutions April 2008. Deals with Indigenous rainforest peoples traditional use of plants , seasons and the pharmacopeia of the Far North Queensland rainforests.
  • Hindsight ABC Radio National Program: The Journey of King Billy Jagars Breastplate consultant historian  contextualized events of King Billys life from c.1876 to 1930. Broadcast 4 November 2006.
  • Defending the North Frontline Cairns 1940-1946, an historical overview  guest lecturer at the University of Queensland Art Museum, 3 September 2005. A 30 minute image Powerpoint presentation converted to a DVD.
  • Research & interpretation of primary source documents for Indigenous Schooling Support Unit (Education Queensland) relating to massacres, missions and government policy in North, Central and Southern Queensland, scanned for Powerpoint presentations for the Cross-Cultural Awareness Program.
  • Heritage interpretational signage for DotDash Pty Ltd & the Cairns Esplanade Development for Cairns City Council (2001- 03).
  • July 2002 completed 110,000 word: A History of Cairns City of the South Pacific 1770-1995 for the Cairns City Council, also submitted and accepted as PhD with Central Queensland University.
  • Lecture on Federation in Far North Queensland presented at the Cairns Regional Gallery (4 September 2001) as a part of the Centenary of Federation Queensland Far North celebrations.
  • Chapter 3 Bama Country Aboriginal Homelands in Securing the Wet Tropics – A Retrospective on Managing
  • Australias Tropical Rainforests, Federation Press, Sydney, 2001. Among 16 contributing authors.
  • Djabugay Country – An Aboriginal History of Tropical North Queensland, for the Djabugay Elders and Mantaka  Shanty  Aboriginal Corporation. (January 1998). Allen & Unwin published May 1999.
  • A Preliminary History of the Djabugay was produced as the basis for the Historical Film Theatre presentation for the Tjapukai Cultural Park (August 1995). It ran nine times daily for over 10 years.
  • In the Path of Buda:dji was produced as one of six chapters in Djina:la Galing – ‘Going On Foot’, a Cultural Heritage Study & Archaeological Survey for the Barron Gorge Walking Track Strategy, Q.N.P.W.S. (June 1995).
  • An Historical Overview of the Mulgrave Shire was commissioned by Pawsey & Prowse, Landscape Architects, for the then Mulgrave Shire Council (April 1995).
  • A Preliminary Historical Overview of the Muluridji Tribe for the Muluridji (May 1995).
  • An Historical Overview of Land Use at Mona Mona Mission, 1913 to 1963 was produced for the Mona Mona Community Development Strategy, sponsored by ANCA & Mona Mona Aboriginal Corporation. (November 1994). Published in the Journal R.H.S.Q. (May 1998).
  • A Short Walk On the Wild Side – an audio-commentary on the Red Arrow Walking Track in the Mt. Whitfield Environmental Park. This deals with the history of the Cairns area, botany and the Aboriginality of the landscape. (August 1993).
  • The Bama – People of the Rainforest – published in Cairns by Gadja Enterprises (December 1992).
  • MED 287 ‘Politics and Change’, wrote course for TAFE, ATSI Community Ranger Program. (July 1992).
  • The White Sands People – An Historical Overview of the Wuthathi, Cape Grenville (May 1992).
  • From Bama Djumburru to Gadja Roads – A Profile History of Towns & Roads on the Atherton Tablelands, F.N.Q. commissioned by Northern Archaeology Pty Ltd., for Telecom Australia. (May 1992). Published Journal R.H.S.Q. (Nov. 1995).
  • An Introduction to Kowanyama – a radio documentary on the history and culture of the indigenous people of Kowanyama, west coast Cape York Peninsula. Commissioned by the Kowanyama Aboriginal Land & Natural Resource Management Office, in consultation with the Elders. (April 1992).
  • The World of the Bama – a synchronised audio-visual presentation, for the Pre-Separation Conference held by the Royal Historical Society of Queensland on August 10 1991. Later published in the Journal R.H.S.Q. (February 1993).
  • The Role of Community Rangers on Cape York Peninsula an audio documentary where Rangers from around the Cape introduce their community and their role as Rangers to a broader audience. Thursday Is.(September 1991)
  • Inan Nayee Aurukun Wik Kath – Listening to the Aurkun Story, a radio documentary history produced in conjunction with Elders and Rangers for the TAFE Ranger Program and the Aurukun Shire Council (June 1991).
  • The River – developed the structure for a community-based curriculum, in close consultation with the Kowanyama Land & Natural Resource Management Office, Elders, Council and State School (January 1991).
  • Djarrugan – The Last of the Nesting – a 30,000 word revisionist interpretation of Aboriginal-European relations in the Cairns rainforest region up to 1876. M.A.(Qualifying) Thesis J.C.U.  (March 1990).
  • A Short History of Australian Radio Advertising produced and presented on AWA Network Radio 2GN (1982).
  • Radio Oz – A History of Australian Radio – a four part half-hour series, first broadcast in 1981 on 2 SER-FM (Sydney). This won an Award for Creative Use of the Medium in the Australian HI-FI Radio Awards (1981).
  • The Australian Film Industry in the 1980s  researched, produced and presented a six part half-hour radio documentary series, first broadcast on 2SER-FM, Sydney. (September 1980)