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Warning: Voices of people from Aurukun and Kowanyama who have passed away appear in these documentaries.

In 1968 Bjelke-Petersen Government Takeover of Aurukun & Mornington Island, in opposition to the Liberal (Malcolm Fraser) Government, Presbyterian Church & the two communities, created the only Shire Councils on Queensland Aboriginal Land, has unfortunately not been covered in this documentary.

Radio Documentary of western Cape York Aboriginal Community of Kowanyama.

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The Long Journey of Billy Jagar’s Breast Plate
Sunday 5 November 2006 2:00PM
Presented by Lorena Allam, Hindsight, Radio National

From my research into Cairns History I managed to supply Suzanne Gibson with the historical primary source documents that are used throughout the program. The quotes were re-recorded with different voices to make the segment more vital.