Djabugay Country : North Queensland Aboriginal activist, Noel Pearson observed that Djabugay Country – reveals a jarring new view of a familiar landscape.’ While Professor Raymond Evans felt that – Bottoms has worked diligently to produce a study of the Djabugay people of the Cairns hinterland which covers their pre-contact history, their frontier and post-frontier relations with the European land-takers, their experience of segregation and institutionalisation and their contemporary struggles and triumphs in around just 100 pages of text and still manages to fit 74 thoughtfully chosen and sensitively captioned illustrations into the analysis. Sure, there is talk here of frontier battles, massacres, forced removals and a swag of sundry other brutalities, but they are not laid on too thickly. There is just enough for even the most obdurate of intellects to be stirred by the suspicion that it may not have been all ‘beer and skittles’ under the tropical Queensland sun in those long bygone days.’  (Out of print, but can be bought second hand on ebay.)